Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Was Spit At!

*snicker* Not really. Colby from Spittin' Out Words Like a Llama tagged me with a meme and seeing how I never got around to the one Amy tagged me with a week or so ago, I figured I'd settle down and gitter done.

The rules are simple: Post six things about yourself (I'm assuming unknown or odd things or this wouldn't be a very interesting meme) then tag six more people. I may skip that last part because I hate chain letters and while I don't mind this, I choose to not perpetuate the madness.

Here goes!

1) Mexico has made me an angry person. I've always been optimistic and considered myself to have a sunny disposition, but after being here for a year my temper is right on the edge. I get road rage, sidewalk rage, grocery store rage, stupid person honking his horn for 20 minutes for no apparent reason rage, and on and on. I don't get angry at the beach so maybe I should go there more often.

2) I love pickles but any other pickled item makes me gag. I can't even have them near me or it ruins my entire meal. It's quite common for restaurants here to serve a side of pickled vegetables - carrots, radishes, jalapeƱos - with your meal and I can't even watch if someone decides to eat them. *shudder* Forget picking them out of food, I'd rather eat crackers.

3) I drink a lot of water. A LOT. Since we have to drink bottled water and I keep a pitcher in the fridge I can better track how much I drink in a day. I knew I was getting my eight 8 oz. glasses but turns out it's much more than that. At least a gallon, possibly a gallon and a half. Now I'm trying to force myself to drink other things from time to time so I don't get that weird problem marathoners get when they drink too much H2O and their sodium levels drop.

4) My sister's three children have all followed in my footsteps and play (or played) lacrosse. I was on the team in high school and before moving to the east coast I'd never even seen a game. It's still not very popular in the Midwest but apparently I was just so cool they all wanted to try. (Not really, but I can dream.)

5) When I'm out in public I like to imagine what's going on with everyone I see: where they're from, their relationship to the people they're with, what they're talking about, that sort of thing. It drives Ibis crazy but now that I've gotten more serious about this writing thing I just tell him it's all "research."


I'm not going to tag anyone but if you're in need of content, please join the fun! Let me know if you do the meme.


Janna Qualman said...

Wow, I could really take note from you on the drinking of water...

I do need content. If I can think of enough "facts" I just may do this meme.

Melanie Avila said...

An added benefit of only drinking water is it's cheap! We buy one of those office water cooler things every three days for twelve pesos. Roughly $1.20 USD.

(I do drink wine & beer. I don't want to make myself sound like a saint or anything!)

Jes said...

Oh yay! A whole list of things I can copy from you now! I'll do this one on my blog since I have no idea what else to do with it yet. Tonight, after everyone shuts up :)

Turkey Lurkey said...

Is this a biscuit party? I've brought some butter and gravy!

Melanie Avila said...


Tony said...

Here I go posting again. I know you are good with the words and stuff, but perhaps you could learn from my people. Will you be posting the sixth thing at some point? Haha, leave it to the Asian to point that out :)

Melanie Avila said...

Holy crap! I can't believe I did that!

*smacks head*