Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hitting the Links

I discovered two interesting things today.

First, Danica Patrick finally won an Indy race on her 50th attempt. While I hate that the reporter (or more likely the captioner) couldn't resist noting her looks, this is a huge accomplishment.

Second, a post on Absolute Write directed me towards a new blog, Query Shark. I'm being a poor researcher because I forget who's doing the work, but I believe it's an agent and he/she critiques queries! You just send yours in and it may or may not appear. Either way I think it's a wonderful tool for writers looking to find an agent.

On a side note, my headache has finally gone away. Now we can crack open the bottle of wine we've been saving for a special occasion. Since we didn't get approval in Juarez we'll just celebrate Ibis returning home safely.

That is all. :)


Turkey Lurkey said...

Oooh! Query Shark! Great link! Thanks for posting this. Especially since I am now out of the loop. ;) I hope you enjoy that wine. The two of you deserve a little R&R.
Take care!

Kristine said...

Glad he's home safe. Take care and the fingers are still crossed!