Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Eagle Has Taken Flight

I was going to respond to the meme Amy Mullis tagged me with but I'm far too distracted. I'll try to get to it later this week.

I dropped Ibis off at the airport at 10am this morning and he's been sitting at the Mexico City airport for the past four hours. He might be boarding by now but either way, he started his journey with more waiting. His appointment isn't until 3:30pm Central Time so that means even more waiting.

My body is not responding well to the stress. My migraine has cleared up but shortly after posting yesterday my stomach decided to join the fun. I've developed a heat rash on my chest/collarbone area, and my face has completely broken out. I stopped by the grocery store after leaving him and was tempted to load up on junk food, but I was good & only left with a small pizza and peanuts.

Thanks to everyone who has sent us their well-wishes. It really does mean a lot to us.