Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Stuff and Things

I haven't done one of these in awhile, and since I'm having trouble forming a thought long enough to make up an entire blog post, you get odds and ends.


As of Saturday, we finally have a wash basin/tub that's large enough to hold water AND ME! We bought it so we have something large enough to hold Owen (we've been washing him in a bucket up until now) but if I sit with my legs crossed I can finally cool off in a "pool."

Only problem -- we haven't figured out an effective way to empty it.


I was supposed to go to the doctor last Friday to get a check-up on my toe, but when I arrived I was told he'd already left for the day. They didn't call because "they don't have my number," which isn't true, and told me to come back on Monday.

We called several times on Monday to confirm, but no one answered and so I didn't go. We plan to try again today.

It seems to be healing nicely and I've made the executive decision to switch from the large bandage that requires lots of tape to a regular old band-aid. Now I can shower multiple times a day. Or go in a "pool".


We have friends in town! Regular reader and commenter Mary is here with her husband and we've already gotten together twice. We met them during their stay last year (they stayed where Ibis was working) and now they're back!

Mary is the first blog reader to have the honor of meeting Owen, and so far everyone seemed to like each other. :)


My grandmother is recovering well from spinal surgery and last week moved from the hospital to an assisted living/rehab place where she will have physical therapy, etc. We're all very relieved that things seem to be going so well.


Finally, we still have bugs, although not as bad, and I'm itchy.


What's new with you?


Jenny Greenleaf said...

Yay for the wash bin! (Boo for the bugs!) I'm glad to hear your grammy is doing okay, too. ::hugs:: Good luck stringing your thoughts - I've been struggling with that, as well!!

mary said...

Yes everyone, Owen is just a cute, sweet and adorable as Melanie says he is! We fell in love with him when he came over for a visit.

Allen said...

Sorry to hear about the bugs, glad Grandmother is doing well. I hope that things are working well with the toe.

Empty the pool? Siphon is your friend. Get a long hose and siphon the water over the balcony.

stacey said...

I'm sitting next to a hot little chicken complete with rosy cheeks and asthma inhaler within reaching distance. :(

YAY on the tub!

Natasha Fondren said...

Wow, I envy Mary! She not only got to meet you and Ibis, but she got to meet OWEN! That's so cool!

Today (or tomorrow) it is going to be 70!!! I'm so grateful! Particularly because the other night it was 29. Definitely not what we signed up for when we decided to stay for October!

Melanie Avila said...

Thanks Jenny. It's tough to get anything accomplished when your thoughts are elsewhere, that's for sure.

Mary, he's already asked when he gets to see you again. ;)

Allen, if I'm going to dump the water over the balcony I'll just tip it over. No need to siphon.

Stacey, I hope the chicken gets better soon. :(

Natasha, 70? Wow, it's about time, eh?

Adam said...

Glad to hear your grandmother's doing well. :-)


JLC said...

Hope you can see the Doc soon!

Not much here. Just got a new cell phone. Reading Stoker's book and getting some house work done. :)

Melanie's Mom said...

I had the cataract removed from my second eye this morning and am working from home this afternoon. I'm looking forward to having "HD Vision"! It's amazing how this surgery has progressed over the years...

Melanie Avila said...

Thanks Adam.

JLC, we're trying to reschedule now. I'm trying to find a job but I'd rather be reading...

Mom, I'm glad you had the other eye done!

Appt scheduled for 6pm. We'll see...

Nadine said...

I'm so excited you have the tub now! Yay!!

And I'm so jealous Mary got to meet Owen! (and you!)

Great that everyone is healing (your grandmother, your toe).

Let's see, not much new here. Except I'm going to a pumpkin patch today (insert girly scream here)

Janna Qualman said...

Ooh, I forgot about Tuesday Stuff and Things! I also forgot what even happened to your toe. It was on your trip, right?

Yay for tubs! Yay for grandma and visitors!

All in all, a great post. :)

Robin said...

I liked this post! I feel like I'm sort of caught up!

I'm jealous of Mary, too. I'd love to meet little Owen. And big Ibis. I'm glad Grammy is OK.

Your poor little toesie! That toe doctor needs to get on the stick. You should rub your smelly toe in the secretary's face the next time you go.

Melanie Avila said...

Nadine, I hope you had fun at the pumpkin patch! I don't think I've actually gone to one since I was a kid.

Janna, yeah I hurt it a couple times while I was home. I WISH I'd taken a picture of it before the doctor got a hold of it.

Robin, I actually saw the doctor tonight and I didn't feel bad at ALL that it'd been a couple hours since I'd showered. :P