Monday, September 28, 2009

Seven o'Clock and All is Well!

After our overly exciting Thursday evening, the weekend was rather uneventful. Typically I wouldn't bother writing a blog post about that, but I know a lot of you were concerned (or still are concerned) and I wanted to reassure you. Sure, there were more killings and mutilations and all that fun stuff, but things in the Avila household were business as usual.

One thing I keep forgetting to give you an update on is my toe. (Adam, please control yourself.) I had a "procedure" done my first week back from the states where a portion of my toenail and some infected tissue were removed. I've had to wear a bandage ever since -- and let me just tell you how fun that is with a puppy.

My latest appointment was this past Friday and the doctor didn't have much to say about it, just that I'm to return in three more weeks. The biggest hassle is because I'm only supposed to change the bandage once a day, I have to encase my foot in a plastic bag if I shower more than once. This time of year I typically shower three times a day, so let's just say while things in the Avila household may be business as usual, they are a little more ripe.


Anyway, things are fine, I'm writing over 500 words per day (give or take) and I'm almost to the climactic scenes of my story.

Anything exciting happen over the weekend? Did you SEE the adorable picture of Owen crying? *sigh*


Robin said...

Did you ever see The Wizard of Oz, girl? That's what happens when you shower too often! I think this toe has saved your life.

So glad the craziness has not affected the Avilla household too much. Owen is the cutest.

I've actually been writing like crazy lately. My motivation magically poofed back. I learned how to use Celtx, and I'm absolutely in love with my movie. I get together with my friend,(we're brainstorming together), and we howl with laughter over our own cleverness. Then we crack up at what goobers we are!

Jenny Greenleaf said...

While I typically wish for excitement over the weekend, I'm glad things were very uneventful. ;-) I decided to "unplug" to write in notebooks, read, and de-stress. It worked, and now I'm ready to go!! So, maybe that unusual rest and relaxation was my excitement? :-)

Janna Qualman said...

Ripe. *guffaw*

Had a great weekend. Sorry to have seen it go. :(

Melanie Avila said...

Robin, you mean I'll be transported to Oz for overshowering? I'm so glad you've rediscovered your writing groove! If I could collaborate the way you are I think I'd consider it!

Jenny, I unplugged for a big chunk of Saturday to finish A Prayer for Owen Meany, and it does feel good to step away for a bit.

Janna, yeah, I know. :P Glad you had a great weekend!

Adam said...



*Runs away*


Ed Pahule said...

Do we get more toe pictures?

Melanie Avila said...

Adam, I've got my eye on you...

Ed, maybe when the nail starts to surface.


JLC said...

Glad the weekend wasn't too eventful. YAY!

Nadine said...

Glad to hear your toe is still feeling better and that there was no more gun drama!

Totally frustrating about the plastic bag though.

Melanie Avila said...

JLC, it helps when you don't leave the house...

Nadine, the stupid bag is SO annoying, and of course Owen loves it. I made the mistake of having Ibis put the tape on once and he nearly cut off the circulation.

colbymarshall said...

Wait...getting your toe to wet takes you to Oz? *runs off to begin excessive toe-showering immediately*

EriCan said...

That picture is one of the cutest pics I've ever seen. So precious.

Nice job on the writing :) The climactic scenes are the most fun part for me... Have fun with that!!

It's crazy that you guys are living in that environment. I hope and pray you guys will return soon.

BTW, a friend of mine had the pic of your mangled toe pop upon her facebook (you know at the side where what people have commented on is at) and I had to laugh... at her of course, not you. I hope it gets better soon, having to work around that must suck big time!