Thursday, September 24, 2009

And Just Like That...

When will I learn? Every time I complain to you all that I can't seem to get the words out, it's like I tripped a switch and they come gushing out. Yesterday wasn't exactly waterworks, but a steady stream flowed and I wrote 1000+ words in a couple hours. That's leaps and bounds above what I've been doing.

And just in time. We got a call yesterday that my sister-in-law (the mother of the 4yo nephew) had her baby on Monday, so today we're driving back to Lazaro to see her. Over the weekend she told us she was due in mid-November, but now we're also told she wasn't premature, so I'm thinking my SIL wasn't too clear on the details. I'm also curious about the name since as of Sunday she said she hadn't even thought about names.

(Side note: How is that even possible?)

Her son has the same name as my brother, so we're thinking about bribing her to name the new baby after my sister. My mom has a pair of cousins with the same names, and I think it'd be fun to carry on the tradition!

See you tomorrow!


Angela said...

Congrats on being an auntie!

The way I figure, it looks like you're onto something with the complaints! Keep complaining!!

Janna Qualman said...

You know, I've noticed it too, the "complaint" equaling output thing. It's like we place it there on the table, and next there's nothing to do but pick it back up and carry it off.

Melanie Avila said...

Thanks Angela! Thing is, the complaining=output theory only works when I'm not doing it consciously. So I have to actually get to a desperate place before it turns around. *sigh*

Janna, I think you may have a point. :)

Jenna said...

Congratulations Aunt Melanie :).

(Side note) Maybe I should complaining about writing?

Melanie Avila said...

Complain away... :)

Lisa said...

Congrats on the baby!

And keep up the writing. Words, just get the words out. It's tough sometimes - I've been slacking myself now.

Travis Erwin said...

Guess I need to complain more because my output has stunk of late.

Melanie Avila said...

Lisa, my output today has been much lower, but again, I moved the scene forward (and thought of a much better idea than one I'd written in my outline).

Travis, I think we should form a club.

JLC said...

Yay! On all accounts!

Have a fun visit!

Adam said...

A few weeks ago I had a low day where I managed to persuade myself that I sucked, and wasn't a writer because I wasn't writing.

The next day I wrote 3,200 words.

Moaning haz powerz.


PS. Yay on the kid!

Natasha Fondren said...

Wow, Melanie! I didn't know birth-date estimates could be off by two months! Wow, I bet that was awesome, though. She musta been geared up for two more months of pregnancy, and then it's all over in a day! :-)

I hope you'll tell us the name when you find out!

Ed Pahule said...

Congrats on the aunt thing.

And as everyone else has said, if complaining keeps you writing, then keep complaining, Mel.

Robin said...

How cute! What about "Robina"? That's a really nice name. Or "Robinella"? Just mention them to your SIL. I'm sure she'll just love them.

Melanie Avila said...

Thanks JLC!

Adam, my moaning doesn't have THAT power. Go you!!

Natasha, the estimate wasn't off, she didn't pay a lot of attention to her pregnancy. I think she only went to the doctor once.

Ed, I might have to step it up in that department.

Robin, I so wish I'd seen this before we left. ;)

btw, still no name!

Nadine said...

Fun that your nephew has a new sister!! That would be awesome if her name was the same as your sister!! Keep us updated!!

PS: Congrats on the wordcount!!