Thursday, January 24, 2008

What Did I Tell You?

Yesterday was a bad day, but as I noted before, they rarely come in multiples. I moped and whined until I went to bed, my toes throbbing despite a couple doses of red wine.

This morning I was in a much better mood and I've been very productive. I still need to tackle my conclusion but I've worked on some smaller details that I needed to work into the bulk of the book. Little things here and there that I'll realize I forgot to include. I'll be in the middle of something completely non-writing related when a thunderbolt will strike down and a loud voice booms, "You idiot, you forgot to talk about blah blah blah." Yes, my voice says that. It's mainly details about the immigration process - I don't know what my problem is and why I keep forgetting to talk about it.

I mentioned a few days ago that one thing that gets me through the bad days is the knowledge that it'll pass. Everyone gets in a funk but if you don't allow yourself to wallow every now and then you'll spend more time balancing on the edge of a bad mood and never snap out of it and get to work.

With that said, I'm about to dive into the very last passage. I just hope I can translate the images in my mind into something half as profound on page.

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