Thursday, January 31, 2008

My Husband is Blind!


Not really, but he wishes he were. He's been working at his new job for a couple weeks now and likes the change of pace a smaller hotel brings. There are only eight rooms and many of the guests stay for weeks, sometimes months, at a time. Since there's only so much the guests need from him on a given day he has a lot of free time.

He's befriended several guests and at the moment we have two open-invitations to visit them when we get the chance. One couple lives in Vancouver and we're considering taking them up on their offer.

That couple checked out yesterday and a new couple checked in. A middle-aged, business-class type couple, possibly Middle Eastern but Spanish speaking, and a little heavy around the middle. Ibis hauled their bags down the 200-foot long flight of stairs and helped them settle in. You know, showing how the AC and TV works, all those little things.

With them happily tucked into their bungalow he returned to the office until it started to get dark. Among his responsibilities are turning on the lights along the staircase and closing the door to the beach (teenagers like to sneak in at night). A movement caught his eye as he passed the new couple's room. The door was wide open and the man was sitting on a stool in the doorway wearing nothing but his underwear.

"Oh my god, really?" I exclaimed as he recounted this story last night.

"That's not the worst," he continued.

The man was sitting on the bench and his wife was straddling his leg, grinding against him and kissing him. Okay, kind of gross you say, but she was also only wearing underwear! Little teeny scraps of cloth that left nothing to my impressionable husband's imagination. He reenacted it for me and now I have that image burned in my mind, too.

They didn't see him - he didn't stick around any longer than necessary - and he planned to warn the cleaning woman to keep her eyes to the ground when she's near their room.


moonrat said...


Virginia Lee said...

Gad. It does make one wonder just how many small hotels that particular couple has, erm, done that in through the years.

Eeeek! Where's my brain bleach?!

Kristine said...

OMG, again! Do they not have doors where they come from? Great, now I have the image of two, full waisted, Middle Easterns on a stool, dry you-know-whating! Arg...

Melanie Avila said...

Oh, if only you could have seen him reenacting it. Priceless.

And gross.

Janna said...

ROFL! That's a flippin' awesome story.

Poor Ibis...