Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hard Work Does Pay Off

Every day Ibis comes home full of stories about all the people who spend their day at his pool. Since most everyone is there for at least a week, he's gotten to know some of the families as he keeps them watered, fed, and cervesa'ed. Yesterday one of those families decided to take us out to dinner as a thank you for all his hard work - said for him to pick the restaurant, make reservations and they'd see us there.

We spent a wonderful night at Il Mare, an Italian restaurant overlooking Zihuatanejo Bay, and even though we got there after the sun had set, the lights of the city make a beautiful backdrop. The family - a mother, her grown daughters & their boyfriends, and her mother - are from Minnesota and last night was their last here. I couldn't believe they wanted to spend that time with us, but people are silly sometimes. ;)

A funny side note - in the cab on the way there we passed another camel in a trailer being pulled through the streets by a pick-up truck. Today is Kings' Day so we think maybe these camels have something to do with the celebration. You know, the kings rode camels to see Baby Jesus, or something like that. I'm curious to see what's planned in the plaza tonight.

Tomorrow things go back to normal here in town. Schools have been out for a couple weeks and the workers in our building were given extra time off for the holiday, but I imagine the banging and drilling will be back by 8am. At least it's cooled off...

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Virginia Lee said...

Hooray for Ibis! He must take great pride in doing his job well to be appreciated that way. The best thing is that the odds of that family, or a part of them, returning to that hotel are greatly increased because of how much they liked him. Also, there's never anything wrong with making new friends and I have a feeling you both accomplished that during your meal.

Now, I must bide my time while I await more news of camel . . .