Friday, January 25, 2008

The End

That's right, I finally typed those words at THE END of my word document! That doesn't mean it's completed - no, no, no - but the bones are all there. The book itself takes a big detour from my original intention so I need to make sure it still makes sense.

But regardless of what I do, I can say I wrote a book. I even like the conclusion, go figure. Thanks to everyone for your encouragement along the way - I'm sure I'll need more in the months to come.

Today I'm celebrating by going to a birthday party of a gentleman I've recently gotten to know at a local bar. He's part of my retiree crowd, all hailing from Canada and Boston. I swear I meet a new person from Canada every time I go out!

Hasta maƱana.

4 comments: said...

congrats! that's wonderful news. can't wait to get there myself.

Ed Pahule said...

Congrats! Now, as they say, put that thing in a drawer for a few weeks, then get back in and edit edit edit edit!

Turkey said...

Yippie! That is wonderful news! Doesn't it feel good? Yes, a celebration is in order! Enjoy your night out!

Kate Boddie said...

Congratulations! That must be an awesome feeling! I hope to know what it feels like soon enough!