Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunshine Day

I was really hoping inspiration would strike and I'd think of something interesting to write about today. I feel guilty that my past two posts were a tad lackluster and I wanted to make up for it.

But.... I have a migraine.

It's been lingering since yesterday but I was well enough to go running this morning so I don't feel like the day's been a total waste. One benefit to suffering from migraines for years is you learn to cope with life. You can't always crawl under the covers for three days and ignore the world around you. Now with my life as it is, I probably could bury myself in bed for half a week with no ill effect other than a pile of dirt on the floor, but I'm a worrier and I'd guilt myself into the living room by mid-afternoon.

As usual the sun is shining, as it's apt to do in Mexico. It feels a little warmer than normal, but that could just be me. I was fortunate that I did run this morning because that meant my shower happened this morning, before the well dried up. I'm not certain it's actually dry - a small trickle has found its way into my faucet after a couple hours - but there's not enough for a shower.

I've spent the past couple hours working edits from my betas into my book but I'm still struggling with some of my direction. The same questions that nagged me three months ago are back at it and I can't decide which direction to go. I'll probably end up hacking the thing to pieces and see what's left in the end. For now, I'm off to the couch to read a book in the dark.


Oh, and yes, my toes continue to improve. Enough to run without toppling over anyway.


Turkey said...

You should definitely move to the Pac. NW! Lots of clouds to keep that bright sun away! Hope you feel better soon!

Kristine said...

My weekend was lazy, too. I had no effort to go or do anything. I'm surprised I made it to the dog park! I'm still feeling lazy today. Maybe if I get some exercise that will change, but where do I find the energy to go to the gym? That's the problem...

Have a good Monday, and I'll talk to you soon!