Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Warning: Rant

I'm having one of those days. Everything is pissing me off and I just want to sit in a corner and read a book and shut out the world around me. I know we're all entitled to feel sorry for ourselves now and then, and I really don't get like this very often, but it figures the day I decide to have a pity party the world is exploding around me.

Another young celebrity has died and my problems don't compare to the grief his friends and loved ones now face.

People in Gaza were so desperate for food and basic necessities that they blew up the wall holding them in. The Egyptian guards let the people stream over the border without checking passports or any of their other duties because they understood the desperation that made them take this drastic measure. We'll see what happens as night falls; if the Palestinians refuse to return to their homes there may be violence, but for now they are getting the things they need to survive. I applaud the Egyptian government for helping these people.

Not to mention all the other people in the world who are suffering. Kenya is falling apart, heck, half of Africa is falling apart. Someone on our street just died - he drove his motorcycle into a bus and was killed.

Me? My toe hurts.

It's a little more complicated than that but it's the thing that pushed me into pity-party mode. I try very hard not to let things get me down. If I start wallowing it'll be harder to get through the day, even if getting through the day means walking to the market and sitting in front of the computer as I wait for my husband to get off work. But things have been accumulating lately, building on each other, and last night was the clincher.

Our car died in December so we walk pretty much everywhere, often times over a mile each way. I've had an infection on my big toe (I'll spare you the details) and while it's been improving, it flared up two days ago and brought a second toe down with it. So I'm walking everywhere with two infected toes.

The city is in the middle of a huge project that's torn apart most of the streets downtown. Laying wires or something, but huge mounds of dirt and stone are everywhere. Walking is an adventure and you have to watch your step to avoid falling in a three-foot hole.

Last night I was heading home with Ibis and stubbed my toe on a rock meant to keep cars from driving on the newly paved street. Yes, it was one that already hurt. My sudden yelp stopped people in their tracks but I told them I was fine, despite the blood running down my foot. I made it home okay but can't get a tiny rock out of the cut so that's adding to the fun.

We have no food so I walked to the market this morning and let's just say I was a real peach to the other pedestrians. I'm trying to get over myself and think about the people in the world with real problems, but I'm tired of these constant health problems.

/end rant.


Janna said...

Oh, dear Melanie... Every one of us is entitled to a discouraging day once in a while. I'd only be concerned if you weren't so conscious of the bigger problems around you. Go easy on yourself and take care. I'm sending good vibes for your tootsies.

I'm late getting around to it, but I finally posted in response to your tagging. Check it out!

Melanie Avila said...

Thanks. I'll check out your blog now.

To add to my day, I was recently chatting with someone online & she suggested a movie to buy, and when I said we don't have money for anything other than necessities (something I've told her before), she replied: LOL.

*smacks forehead*

spyscribbler said...

I feel your pain. I've had an injured foot for a year and a half now. It may seem, to the world, like a small thing, but the foot feels a lot of pain because it has tons of nerve endings. Not to mention, we have no idea how very much we use our feet until they have problems!

LOL? *sigh* That sucks.

Melanie Avila said...

I broke a small bone on the top of my foot several years ago so I've already got the built-in reflex to shield people from stepping on me.

Yeah, I figure that person is the type that pays no attention to the bigger picture and has many 'woe is me' days. At least I try to stay upbeat.

Nadine said...


Sorry to hear about your pity party. I had one of those last week and to make myself feel better, I went to the store and bought a custard pie. I'm trying to watch my weight, but I was so bummed that I figured one day wouldn't hurt. It really helped my mood!

Is there some comfort food you can make or buy nearby?

Melanie Avila said...

The pain has made me lose my appetite, otherwise I'd be all over that! Maybe I'll slip some Nutella into my lunch. :D

jes said...

God Mel, I'm sitting here cringeing and flexing my toes. I know on top of the infection, the stubbing must really hurt, poor baby. Just because other people are having problems, doesn't mean you don't get to have a day. Don't worry about meat head, but you really do need to download utorrent like I've been telling you for years and years. Hugs to you hoo baby.


Melanie Avila said...

Jes, I was waiting for you to write it somewhere other than IM so I could remember! I'm on it.

Turkey said...

Ack! What a horrible day! Sorry to hear about your foot. I too will be sending you positive healing vibes! It seems amazing how news of the world and the people around us can cause a dark cloud over our minds. It just seems like the world is undergoing a change right now... I hope it is for the better.
Take care and lots of hugs!

Kristine said...

We're all entitled to a bad day. You wouldn't know what a good day was without a bad one every once in a while. Cheer up chicka!

PS Pardon my giggles but when the one toe took down the other, I had to laugh... :D