Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Oh Thank Heavens

I know most of you will hate me for saying this, but I am so happy it's cloudy today. The sun has peeked out a couple times but for the most part it's been overcast since I woke up. We normally watch the sun rise over the mountains from bed, so I was confused this morning when I wasn't blinded. Nope, today the sky is full of clouds.

Since the rainy season ended in November I think we've had one other cloudy day, and that only lasted till mid-morning. Every day is sunny and beautiful, and most times there's a breeze rolling in from the ocean.

I know, I know... enough, right?

A few weeks back I ran into a fellow transplant while out for a walk. I didn't have anywhere in particular to go but as I told her, I felt guilty sitting inside all the time when it's so nice out. She said she has the same problem; you look out the window and say, "Oh, it's another perfect day in Zihua."

I really do try to appreciate it. I spend a lot of time on the balcony (even more when my hammock is hung up) and looking out the window, taking in the trees and mountains, the sun bouncing off the buildings, the black & yellow birds flying nearby. It's even gorgeous at night. The lack of clouds and neon lights allows the stars to shine as bright as they dare. We watched a meteor shower from our roof last month and counted over fifteen - try that in Chicago.

But if I spent all my time daydreaming I'd never get anything accomplished. Today I've done three loads of laundry and a couple hours worth of freelance work. Next I'll try to edit another chapter or two before picking up the book I'm reading. Having it be cloudy out makes me a lot more productive because I'm not thinking about what I could be doing outdoors (plus we played volleyball at the beach yesterday so it's out of my system for awhile).

I do feel bad for the cruise ship in the bay today. Those people are on vacation and paid for sunshine! Oh well, I'm sure tomorrow will be back to normal. The sun's even trying to come out as I post this.

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Turkey said...

What is this sun you speak of?