Sunday, January 20, 2008


I just finished editing the last two chapters. This doesn't mean I'm done, just that they're presentable for my beta readers. I'm sure they appreciate it.

Starting tomorrow, it's back to writing. I have big goals for this coming week - I need to rework my introduction and write my conclusion. I figure the introduction should come first since I have another beta reader lined up to start soon. Then I can be working on the conclusion while my readers catch up to me.

My bicycle incident the other night inspired ideas for the ending, so those thoughts are brewing, too. I'm really excited about what I plan to do. I've debated whether I should end our story before we know anything from immigration or wait until they make a decision. I'm an impatient person so of course my inclination is to just finish the thing, but I wanted to take time to think about it so I make the best decision for the story.

I think I have, and I've decided to conclude it now. This also leaves room for a sequel. ;)

Now I'm off to watch football all afternoon. Bring on the Victoria's and go Pats & Packers!

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