Friday, October 3, 2008

Friday Free-for-All

Good morning. I've been meaning to catch you all up on a few things going on around here, but with all the fun videos and offensive marketing campaigns to talk about, I keep getting sidetracked. So today, a few observations.


Did you all watch the debate? Palin did a much better job than I expected, and I'm happy to see there are a few things she knows about and can speak clearly on (energy). I was having a really hard time wrapping my head around her as a VP choice so at least now I sort of feel like the Republicans aren't completely off their rockers. Doesn't sway my opinion, I'm just saying.


My best friend is coming to visit in a couple weeks. I mentioned this while talking to my parents last night and they had no idea. I don't know how but I somehow forgot to share this fabulous news with the internet - that's really not like me, I mean, who but the internet cares more about my social life? - but here you go. She'll be here for four days at the end of this month.

And, I recently reconnected with a high school friend through, you guessed it, Facebook, and he's coming here for his honeymoon! Double friends! They'll be here at the same time as my other friend, but seeing as it's his honeymoon I don't imagine I'll see them for more than a drink or two. :)


We're no longer getting a puppy. I'm very very sad about this but it was never a smart decision to begin with. I'm allergic to animals that shed so if I want a dog it needs to be one that doesn't shed, ie, one that gets haircuts. I grew up with Miniature Schnauzers and have always wanted one of my own, so it looks like we'll have to wait until we're back in a normal climate to get one.

I thought I could get away with a Chihuahua because they're so tiny - and really, how much hair can a little dog have? - but after several experiments with my friend's dogs (rubbing them in my face) my eyes started watering & itching and the puppy plan was put on hold. Sad.


My dad is planning to spend a couple months here this winter and today Ibis and I are going to look at a possible apartment for him. If we like it we'll pay right then because it's in an incredible location, right in the middle of everything. My mom plans to visit for a week while he's here and now they're talking about bringing my sister along. Yes, she's a grown adult but has never traveled here on her own and it'd be fun for everyone if she came at the same time. She doesn't usually read this, but if you're out there... COME VISIT ME!


And now a question for you: any big plans this weekend? A little BB&B? Maybe Home Depot if there's time?


Janna Qualman said...

Exciting stuff, Melanie! Except for the sad puppy news. :(

There's always a chance for Home Depot with us, but I know for sure we're going to the Rennaissance Festival on Sunday. We're really looking forward to it!

colbymarshall said...

I'm still pretty sure she doesn't know what she's doing...I have this feeling she did better in the debate environment because she had some idea what type questions would be asked and could plan in advance. But still, she didn't do the deer in headlights thing, which is more than I expected.

Aimless Writer said...

How wonderful that your family is coming!
I'm allergic to dogs, cats, horses and anything with fur. I have three dogs (golden, shelti and greyhound mix) and a cat. We had them before I knew I was allergic but I guessed because of the rashes and itchy tearing eyes after touching them. I wash my hands a lot! lol My pets are all over 12 years old now so after they go I may not be getting any more (so sad), but I'm looking at Bichons or poodles. They're supposed to be hypoallergenic.

WendyCinNYC said...

I thought she was unimpressive during the debate, but it sounds like I'm in the minority. I like policy wonks--even if having a beer with them might be a boring evening.

All that winking and aww-shucks, golly-gee doesn't work for me. She's not trying out for the role of BFF. She's a potential President.

Anonymous said...

I slightly agree with the Palin analysis. She did okay, but she was HEAVILY coached. Sorry about not getting a dog, but it sounds like it's a smart move. As for my weekend, I'm getting Smashing Pumpkins tickets tomorrow! Been 7 years since I've seen them. I'm psyched.

Edit: My OpenID isn't working for posting, so I had to go anonymous. Weird.


ac said...

IMO, Palin was able to avoid answering questions because follow up wasn't permitted.

If you look at the majority of Couric's interview, most of when she was tripped was when Couric asked for clarification.

Now, go back and read the transcripts of Palin's debate. No substance. But I guess that's okay because she warned us ahead of time that she would provide the answers she wanted to, not directly answer the question asked.

Allen said...

I'm a contractor. Home Depot is the LAST PLACE ON EARTH I would go on a weekend. I'd rather be slapped by my wife and be forced to wear clothes than to go to a Lumber/Contractor yard.

I do plan to fly down and see you this weekend, bring a puppy, stay for the fireworks and fly home. Do I have to dress?

Damn. Then I'll just stay home and fix the porch.

Turkey Lurkey said...

Sorry about the puppy news! We will be making the Home Depot trip! More remodeling. yay...

Robin said...

I think everyone's expectation of Palin was so low, that her being halfway competent seemed super. Her pathetic attempts at "folksy" made me gag. And that cute little wink...shiver.

So sorry about the puppy. Yet there's always time for a puppy. Maybe your perfect puppy is up in puppy heaven waiting to be born for you one day. Did I just write that? Maybe I had a stroke.

spyscribbler said...

That is so sad!

I'm working again. I'm really struggling with this essay. I haven't even been to Rockin Writers. Apologize for me, will you?

I'm trying to catch up, God help me. I think I'm going to be a full month behind, but I think I'll be caught up by November 1. Pitiful.

Kristine said...

Hmm, I liked reading most of your blog, however, I might have to stop reading with all the demo talk. So many things I could say, however, I'll keep my thoughts to myself. Others should take note!

20 more days!

Rachel Burton said...

My puppy plans are on hold too. I drool over the ones in our building (there's a three-month-old French Bulldog that lives down the hall and has The Best Ears Ever), but my husband keeps reminding me that we'd have to take it down the elevator and out into the freezing weather and pick up its poop several times a day. So not for us now.

Have a great time with your friend!

Melanie Avila said...

Ugh, I'm so sorry I haven't replied. My internet has been down since Friday so I haven't been able to check anything.

Let's see - I agree with all the comments on Palin, I'd love a Bichon (although my heart is with a Schnauzer), and I'm super excited for all the visitors!