Thursday, November 29, 2007

A New Tradition

Not new for me, just in terms of my blog. I get migraines about once a month and this month is no different. What's made this one extra-special is it started on the way to the airport at 3am yesterday and is still going strong. Surprisingly the air pressure didn't make it worse and I was able to sleep a bit. A magical fairy even refilled my water while I slept. :)

I wasn't sure what to expect when I landed. Ibis & I had worked out three plans for my arrival: 1) he'd duck out of work long enough to pick me up, 2) he'd leave the car in the parking lot before work & I'd drive myself home, or 3) I'd take a cab.

Now, the cab option is not as cut & dried as it may seem. The cabbies that hang out at the arrivals gate charge 250 pesos (very expensive) but if you can catch one at the exit - one who dropped someone off & didn't stick around for a new fare - they'll charge under 100 pesos. If I didn't see Ibis or the car, I was supposed to drag my bags through the parking lot & try to barter for a cab there. Right... and did I mention I managed to fit all my books in my bags? That's 100 pounds I'm supposed to haul through the blazing sun WITH a migraine, no food & very little sleep? He did say I could take a more expensive cab and just not tell him what I spent, so that's sweet.

Lucky for him ('cause, man, would he have heard about it later) I saw Ibis waving as soon as I got through Customs. He brought me home, carried all my bags upstairs, then went back to work. I slept for six hours, had dinner, then slept another nine hours. Hopefully I'll feel better by tomorrow.

PS: For those of you who know how bright our condo is during the day & were wondering how I slept so long... you know those two-inch wide stretchy headbands you use to work out or wash your face at night? A black one works wonders as an eye mask!


Virginia Lee said...

Your condo sounds like our apartment as to brightness levels in the daytime. I actually made myself a sleep mask out of an old silk blouse of my neighbor's. It's leopard print silk on one side and solid black soft knit on the other. It's the first thing I made when I got my sewing machine last year.

I'm glad you're home safely. Sorry to hear about the migraine. I hope it's quite a while or never before you have another one.

Melanie Avila said...

Thanks. Unfortunately I checked the date after I posted and this is my second migraine this month. Not cool.

I love the idea of making my own mask. I have lots of free time so maybe I'll look into that!

Kate Boddie said...

I feel your pain on the baggage. I had to lug mine from the lepper colony at Heathrow (aka Terminal 4) to Terminal 2 which includes a train ride and me having to ditch the carriage in order to get on the train. My luggage totaled about 150 pounds or so and I actually ended up breaking the extendable handle on the biggest one because it was so heavy. Clean off. I had to stomp the piece off. Ugh.

Janna said...

Argh, migraines. If you can find some of those gelpacs (I think they're near Ace bandages - though I don't know about their accessibility in Mexico...), keep 'em in the freezer. Smack it right on your worst pain and hold it there with one of your headbands. They help. Boooy, do they help.

Glad you're better!