Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Flight of the Bumblebee

No, not me, although I am flying out today.

I'm talking about bumblebees. Yesterday. Over a dozen of them in our house. We noticed a hornet's nest on the front window several weeks ago, but hadn't done anything to get rid of it. Now I'm not convinced it has hornets - those bees came from someplace and there were way too many for them to just be out for a stroll. Fly? Glide? Anyway.

For a minute we thought we'd get to see a Hornet on Bumblebee Smackdown, but the hornets don't appear to be as brave as they seem when it's Us vs. Them.

The stupid bees filled our living room and kitchen. Yes, we were cooking, but I didn't think they liked shrimp. We opened all the windows and the front door, then aimed the fans on high to 'encourage' them to leave, but noooo, it was all fun & games for them! We ate lunch with them swarming just feet away; I'm scared of bees and was terrified or being stung (what if I can't go home?) but nothing happened.

Ibis had to leave - you're leaving me here with these blood-hungry insects? - and I managed to trap five in each window, between the panes. Half an hour later, the floor was covered with whimpering fuzzies. Well, not really covered, I think I saw two, but you get the point.

I showed them who's boss and they hightailed it out of here!

My plane leave in a couple hours - I'll do my best to post while I'm gone.


Virginia Lee said...

Erg. I know we're supposed to love and value bees for their pollen spreading skills, but they freak me out. When I lived in Newport there was a rose garden alongside the mansion I lived and worked in that was overrun with bees during the spring and summer and yellowjackets in the autumn. I tell you, it's no fun being in Victorian costume with multiple petticoats and long skirts when there are critters with stingers buzzing about!

Melanie Avila said...

I think that would be even scarier! I would imagine all the bees in my skirts and completely freak out!