Monday, November 5, 2007

How Do You Stop a Raging Bull?

Smack him in the face with a rope.

I didn't know that either until we were driving north to visit Ibis' family. We passed a boy no more than 12-years old struggling to get a bull to cross the street. Traffic on the 2-lane highway had come to a stop by the time we got there and we watched him fight to control this animal that was at least ten times his size.

The bull seemed to calm down when he jerked his head around and stared directly at the boy.


The bull dropped his head again. We drove away before the drama ended, but the boy seemed to know more about handling bulls than many of the men cowering nearby.

That reminds me of a poster I saw as we were leaving town. A poster for bullfights, coming soon, to Zihua. The odd part? The men in the posters were wearing bikinis. As in I'm proud of what I've got, bring on the Speedo, bikini. I asked Ibis if they actually perform that way and he said, "Yes, it's just another gimmick." Add bullfighting to things I need to see, along with Mexican wrestling.

There were a few sad moments as we saw not one, but two, dead dogs in the road. We're in Mexico, it happens, but it's still sad.

The man riding a mule a few miles later (and just before the boy & the bull) made up for it a little.

I also met my newest niece, one-month old Evelyn, and discoverd Brian can pee in a potty. Big day.


DamaNegra said...

Wrestilng is the best in the world, it's really hilarious. You should really go see it as soon as you can!

Jenna said...

Mel, you crack me up...well until you brought up the dogs :(.

Congrats on a new the name!

Melanie Avila said...

It was the craziest thing! He was smaller than me and just smacked him in the face. (Note to self if ever faced with an angry bull - treat him like a shark!)

Sorry about the dogs but I get upset when I see one; two was too much. BUt my nephew was painted like a tiger so that was fun!