Saturday, November 3, 2007

Jason Bourne = Genius

Last night I took a much-deserved break from writing (since I'm done, ha!) and popped in a movie. The second Bourne one, Supremacy I think it is. Anyway, I was lying on the couch, fully absorbed in the jiggly hand-held-camera fight scenes and... my story would not get out of my head.

There are no fight scenes in my book. No running from the super-secret non-existant CIA black-ops team. Matt Damon doesn't even appear till the ninth chapter. Yet that's what I was thinking about.

An oft-repeated guideline for writers is "allow yourself to write crap." Get the words out, get through the sucky part and the goodness will flow.* I followed that advice and was fortunate that for me, a crap-writing day was usually followed by several hey-this-is-pretty-good days. Unfortunately, most of the crap ended up in the first four chapters. You know, the section potential agents request when they want to sample your book. Ideas to fix those chapters have been bouncing around in the back of my head for about a month now, but nothing's stuck.

Until last night.

While watching two hotties try to kill each other on the streets of Moscow, genius struck. It'll take some work to rewrite, but I anticipated that, and at least now I have a direction. NOW I'm feeling the relief I expected two days ago. Double ahh.

We're visiting Ibis' family in Lazaro tomorrow so I'm taking the day off from the computer. Monday I start editing. Wish me luck.


*I believe I've also used this description for water. Forgive me.

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Janna Qualman said...

Good luck!

Hm. Perhaps I should add Matt Damon to my book, too.