Saturday, November 10, 2007

I Made a Waterfall

Have I mentioned I'm a genius?

I'm almost done editing a chapter and as soon as I finish, Ibis and I are off to the beach. I got up a minute ago to get a glass of water and discovered a pool in my kitchen. Not the aqua dug-out variety, but rather a large body of water on my kitchen floor.

We ate lunch less than an hour ago and I JUST cleaned, so I immediately blamed Ibis for the water. "What did you do?" He gave me a weird look - he hasn't moved from the couch since lunch - as I looked for the source of the water.

It seemed to be coming from the fridge... nope, not there. I opened the freezer... oh, right. I'd put a bottle of water in there, hoping it'd get cold by the time we left for the beach. It was cold all right, but no longer inside the bottle. Most was frozen to the bottom of the freezer and everything else in there, and I was standing in the rest.

The bottle is too tall for the freezer so I had to lay it on it's side, but I swear I checked if the lid was on tight. I even double-checked a few minutes later. Oh well, at least now the floor is clean.

Anyone care to go swimming?

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