Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I Feel So... Noble

I feel at peace. I just spent over four hours at the bookstore, walking up and down the aisles, relaxing in an overstuffed chair, eating the free brownie a lovely Starbucks employee handed out; it was heavenly. I bought four writing books, three memoirs and one Sudoku book (on discount) and managed to stay within my budget. Well, close enough.

My weekend in Chicago was a lot of fun. Busy, but fun. I ate a lot of food (including Mexican - sweet another Corona), played volleyball, danced at an Arab club and managed to go running a couple times. The rest of this week will be spent relaxing with the family. It's not as cold as it was my first couple days back, but they promise a drop in temps for Thanksgiving. Those meteorologists, so giving.

My mother finished reading the first/rough draft of my book and overall the reviews are positive. Now, I know what you're thinking, She's your mother, of course she likes it, but she has critted before and reads like crazy so I trust her judgement. I swear I'll start my own editing soon.

Just as soon as I polish off that pumpkin pie...


Voyager said...

Your home! Kinda. I missed you, chica. Dancing and drinking, what a little hootchie, lol. I'm glad your back in communication.

The day at the book store sounds very lovely. Gimme a brownie, since Brian stole my mango.

Virginia Lee said...

Your idyll in the bookstore sounds lovely, Melanie. I had a similar experience when I finally went to the library here after having lived within ten blocks of the joint for a year.

I tell you, when you have a friend who sends you books all the time, you forget how joyous it is to choose your own.

Enjoy your family!

Williebee said...

Welcome back to the not so frozen north. I'm a few hours south of you.

Not much else feels like wandering aisles at a bookstore. odd. It's always smelled like "home".

Melanie Avila said...

Yes, the bookstore is lovely and now I'm carrying the stack of books around the house with me. I'm just so excited to have them.

Tomorrow I'm raiding my mom' library, heh heh.