Thursday, April 16, 2009

"Sometime Next Week"

Are you ready for this? Yesterday we finally picked up our officially registered marriage certificate from the local government building, then I promptly brought it -- and twenty copies of everything -- to the Immigration office.

In my folder were the following:
- marriage certificate
- apostille of marriage certificate
- translation of apostille of marriage certificate
(this is starting to sound like the story about the woman who swallowed a fly)
- some sort of receipt from Mexican gov't office
- new Mexican version of marriage certificate
- 3 copies of all of the above

What she kept:
- one copy of each of the above

When I handed everything over she consulted her calendar to count how many days had passed since we were granted twenty days to get things apostilled (yes, I realize that's not actually a word -- thanks Blogger spellcheck. Oh wait, spellcheck isn't a word either). When she reached April 15th, she tsked me. Me!

"Melanie, esta veintidos dias."

"Sí?" I asked in disbelief, knowing full well we'd gone over the 20-day limit by a couple days.

She looked at me, brows furrowed, I supposed in an attempt to scold me. Nice try. I've picked up a few things since living here.

I said, in Spanish, "We brought the documents to the government building on Thursday and they weren't ready until today. With Holy Week they needed more time."

She smiled, amused at my attempt, and replied that they were open all last week (she really is very nice, I hope that's coming across here) so I repeated that we didn't get the documents until that morning. Which is true. Since she knows how things work here -- she is a Mexican government official, after all -- she took everything from me and said the application was in order.

Then, THEN, -- oh, you'll love this -- she told me that someone will come to my house "sometime next week", I assume to verify that I live where I say I do. I asked her if she could tell me when, but of course the purpose is to surprise me. I pointed out that I often run errands in the morning so if she could give me a little idea that would be helpful, and she said they'd most likely come between 11am and 5pm.

Now, I'm home most of the time anyway so it's really not a huge deal, but she also mentioned that if I'm not home when they come the application for my FM3 visa will no longer be valid. As in, all this time and money would have been wasted.

If you need me next week, you know where to find me.


Janna Qualman said...

That really, really stinks. I hope they come in the early part of the week, in the early part of the day, for you, so you won't have to be on guard all week.

It's about over, Melanie!

Melanie Avila said...

Janna, and then Ibis went and asked for three days off next week, and only took one this week. So if they don't come in the first couple days, I'll be stuck at home while he's off having fun. Grr.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord. I moved across the friggin ocean and didn't have to deal with any of this kind of stuff.

Just try to keep a good sense of humor regarding all the absurdity.

Melanie Avila said...

Gypsy, it would have been easier (I think) if I'd done this at the beginning, but I just ran out of time.

Turkey Lurkey said...

Ok, so we will have a week long Facebook party! Woot! (calls for her male hula dancers and real pina coladas)

Melanie Avila said...

Turkey, I knew I could count on you!

*does extra crunches to impress the hula dancers*

spyscribbler said...

They, they, they... they expect you, if you're "really" married to Ibis, SIT AT HOME 24 HOURS A DAY????? Like, as in, NOT LEAVE THE HOUSE?

You're not to get groceries? Go to the market? Go for a walk? Because if you were really married, you would JUST SIT AT HOME? And do what? Cook? Clean?

For crap's sake. This is the most ridiculous bit I've heard! (Okay, maybe not the "most," but... the red tape is all pretty much up there!)

Melanie Avila said...

Spy, don't you know ANYTHING about being a good housewife? Sheesh! I AM applying as his dependent, so I guess if you look at it that way they're safe to assume I have nothing else to do, lol.

I did point out that I need to go to the market, etc, in the mornings -- that's the only reason she gave me a timeframe.

Ibis wanted to call them last night and demand they come this week. I think he wanted to schedule the surprise visit.

Penguin said...

Wow, you are looking at it the wrong way.
Now you have a reason to sit around all day and take Melanie time.
You couldn't ask for a better excuse.
I would milk the crap out of this one.

Melanie Avila said...

Penguin, if you look at it that way, every day is Melanie Day. I do all my work on the computer and spend the rest of my time cleaning -- all at home. It's getting out that's a break for me.

Penguin said...

Hmmmmm, well in that case.....
Sucks to be you.

Best of luck waiting.
I have two solutions to ease your waiting.
I will tell you that it will come at the most inappropriate time.
Whatever you do, it will be when you are least ready for it.
Most likely going to be at the end of the week. Unless of course you take off and go somewhere. Then it will be at that time they show up.
So either you can waste away the time until the end of the week.
Or just resolve yourself to the fact they will show up when you are not around and do just that.

Of course the last option will assure you do not make citizenship in Mexico.

Have fun waiting........
I know, I am evil sometimes.

Nadine said...

Ugh, that sucks! Weren't you supposed to go to Mexico City next week? My fingers are crossed that they come on Monday!!

Melanie Avila said...

Penguin, yeah, I kinda figure they'll show up when I HAVE to run to get something or there's some emergency. Ibis is optimistic they'll come at the beginning of the week. He's so cute.

Melanie Avila said...

Nadine, I called him as soon as I got home with the news, so if we go it'll be in a couple more weeks. He said he wants to "plan this trip" so I guess three days is not enough time to plan. :P

Allen said...

Melanie, I dare you! I dog dare you. I triple dog dare you.

When they come to the door, holler out that you are having sex with you husband and to come back in three hours. (That ought to prove it.)

Now you know the rules. You've been triple dog dared. If you don't do it, you don't have a hair on your... well, you a woman and probably don't.

I'll still demand proof of the hair loss. You'll have to scan your backside and email it to me. (Might want to encrypt the file so I can't actually see it. Modesty and all.)

Melanie Avila said...

Allen, you are FUNNY! I have had to yell at people ringing my doorbell that I'm in the shower. You'd think they could hear the water but noooooooo, they keep buzzing it, disturbing my quiet time. :P

Robin said...

I am so with Spy! Not only is that a pain in the ass, but it's disrespectful towards women. There's no way they would make a man wait at home "11a - 5p". They should hang their heads in shame. (And perhaps they should stop wondering why criminals are blowing up the police station.)

mary said...

That totally sucks!! Only in Mexico! Hope they come early in the week.

Melanie Avila said...

Robin, that's a good point. I never considered if it was a man trying to do this. WTF??? Now I'm pissed!

Melanie Avila said...

Mary, no kidding... :)

Pink Ink said...

House arrest!!

You can always watch movies all day :-)

Melanie Avila said...

ha, I wish!