Thursday, December 20, 2007

What is This Christmas You Speak Of?

As I'm sure you're well aware, the Christmas season is in full swing. If we judge by the stores, we're in about the third month of the swing with the last big push still to come. Everyone I talk to is busy buying last-minute gifts, finishing the decorations and cramming in all the holiday parties. And they all want to know how they celebrate here in Mexico.

For me, it could be the middle of June for as much as it looks like Christmas. Sure, there's red and green garland strung from every light post in town, musical Christmas lights sing on every block, and there's a twenty-foot tree in the plaza (also made of garland). The grocery stores have had inflatable Santas since October, so in that sense, I do feel like I'm home, but no one actually puts them in their yards. Lights adorn the windows of quite a few houses, some blinking to a beat only they can hear, but I haven't seen any trees through those windows.

I've been warned told that the 24th is the big night here and that I should wear my helmet both that night and New Years Eve. I'm guessing there will be a parade - they have a parade for everything - but that will be the extent of our celebration. The gifts from my gramma are the only thing festive in our home, and they're sitting high on a shelf over the TV. I'm big on sending out cards & putting up a tree, but I just don't have it in me this year (and I don't want to buy all new decorations when I have boxes full in storage.)

Ibis' family doesn't celebrate and he might have to work, so I'll call home, but other than that I imagine it'll be like any other day here. Much the same way I tell friends to have a great weekend, and thank god it's Friday, when every day is more or less the same, I'll send my holiday wishes.

We have a party tonight - the developers are throwing a posada for the residents. My task is to buy 12-15 pork tamales. I'm not quite sure where to find said tamales, but I'm sure someone at the market will point me in the right direction. I haven't met all our neighbors yet so this will be a nice way to make a few more friends.

I know not everyone will be near a computer over the holiday, so have a wonderful weekend and Feliz Navidad!


Kate Boddie said...

Fleas On My Dad to you too!

Melanie Avila said...

I was about to type "Er?" when it clicked.

Tissue tambourine.

(that one may not have worked as well - I'm on the spot here!)

Ella said...

Frankly, I'm tired of all this holiday pressure. I've just recovered from cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and now I'm panicking over Christmas. Not to mention the fact I haven't baked a single cookie. How about I come down and we grab some tamales?

Happy Holidays!

Melanie Avila said...

Sounds good to me! The party went well and despite Ibis and I each thinking the other was buying the tamales, we got them in time.

Mary B said...

Mmmm-love tamales at Christmas! While everything is bedecked with Christmas cheer in Texas, the weather is being quite stubborn. It felt wrong to send mykids to Christmas parties in shorts and T-shirts today, but I did anyway.

~Soccer Mom

plaidearthworm said...

Thanks for giving us the scoop! Frankly, tamales are good for any holiday. As for holiday greetings, I'll just say, Merry Fishnuts to all! :)

Ed Pahule said...

Merry Christmas, Melanie. We were at a school my son's basketball team was playing at and in the halls they had a Christmas around the world. For some reason I noticed the Mexico one and it sounded interesting. It said that for about 8 days prior to Christmas each neighborhood has these celebrations and each night a different family hosts a party and they're the Innkeepers and the guests come as other nativity people. That sounds like fun.

Melanie Avila said...

Yes, that's the posada!