Saturday, December 15, 2007

Life Goes On

To borrow the words of my husband, I'm feeling melancholic. No particular reason, just a lull in my mentality, I suppose. Could have something to do with Christmas being just around the corner and it looking like the middle of summer. Sure, there's Christmas decorations all over the place, but I'm a Midwest girl and I need cold and snow, or at least freezing rain, for it to truly feel like Christmas. Having my family around would be nice, too. :)

Ibis started his waiters' captain job today so I'll hear all about that tonight. Meanwhile, the other captain in my life is in Trinidad for his latest job. Oh, the places he goes...

My search for a job turned out to be more short-lived than I expected. I was offered a job at a new place, met with her friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend in immigration, thought everything would happen quickly, then went to Immigration and was told they don't give visas for servers. It makes sense - they don't want to give jobs to foreigners that locals can do (sound familiar?) so that's out. I wasn't going to make much money so I'm not crushed, but it would've been nice to get out of the house a little more often.

So, anyone with design needs - let me know! I give you a special discount because you are special friend! (That's supposed to sound like a Mexican vendor talking to the tourists - use your imagination.)

One strange thing this week - we witnessed a wake in our neighbor's backyard. The coffin was resting on two card tables beneath a tarp, with candles fanning around the area. The strange part was the deceased's picture was on the front page of the local paper. He apparently died in his hammock and the paper sent someone out to take his photo. Ibis said he noticed a group standing around a man in a hammock, so we think he saw when they discovered he was dead. Creepy.

In good news - a pigeon tried to poop on my this morning and missed by about 2 inches. The little things...


Kate Boddie said...

Is Ibis a "home-grown" Mexican? So . . . shouldn't you be Mexican by proxy? I know in many countries in Europe, if you marry in to someone that's already a citizen, you get granted citizenship automatically plus all the rights that comes with it. In Sweden, it's one of the only ways to become a citizen (they don't have "open door" immigration practices. Obviously I know very little about Mexican immigration but if this man's your husband and he's a Mexican citizen I would think that you would get granted citizen rights automatically.

Melanie Avila said...

He is home-grown, lol, but that doesn't seem to have much effect on me. If we have children, I believe they will have dual-citizenship, but I honestly haven't looked into that much.

It is frustrating - we also want to get married here so the government will recognize the union, but we can't get a straight answer about that either.


Virginia Lee said...

Sorry about the gig, hon, but I daresay that means something else will happen in that vein before too long. Keep your eyes and ears open!

I love the story about the wake at your neighbor's. Do they build their own caskets in Mexico like they still do in parts of the southern US? They have such interesting funereal traditions down your way that I'm wondering if that's one of them.

And woohoo! No pigeon poop!