Monday, December 3, 2007

Karaoke Hero

Since Thanksgiving, I have sung karaoke twice. I should preface that by saying while I love to sing & often do quite loudly in the privacy of my car or living room, I'm not big on singing in front of other people. Except Ibis - who do you think I'm usually singing with?

Anyways, the Friday after Thanksgiving I hung out with my friend Kris at her brother's place, where they busted out this wonderful game called Rock Band. Her boyfriend Brad has Guitar Hero (at which I hear my nephew is THE master) so he ran out to buy this game. It has drums, a guitar AND a microphone so at least three people play at once. I won't get into how it works here, but Kris and I somehow ended up on vocals. Yeah, there's a reason we both went into graphic design. Anyway, we finally found a song we rocked on - Wanted Dead or Alive, thank you very much - and we ended the night feeling like we ARE a Rock Band.

Cut to yesterday. Ibis and I drove to spend the day with his family for a huge fish dinner and, you guessed it, karaoke. And yes, it was all in Spanish. No one sang an entire song, they passed the microphone around the room so all twelve people had a chance to sing. My only hesitation was I didn't know most of the songs. Add my lack of conversational Spanish with not knowing the melody and I was a little gun-shy, but after watching them & laughing along with the family, I jumped up and down at the first song I knew.

They looked at me with amazement - they'd never heard me sing OR say so many words at a time. (Yes, it was amazement, not horror. Now stop questioning me.) Shortly after that, one of my favorite songs came up so Ibis and I sang a duet, and yes, it was bad. My shining moment came towards the end of the day when I knew a song better than Ibis and two of his brothers. It was even a fast one! I am so proud.

I am the Karaoke Hero. :)

* * * * *

I did see a few random things: a man washed his horse in the middle of the street while we were eating lunch, then we passed a car that had just flipped on the side of the road while on our way back home.

Temp: 88°
Humidity: 75%

And I've edited through page 100, having successfully conquered the Mexican Consulate.

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Virginia Lee said...

Bravo! You are a braver soul than I! The only non-English songs I'd ever dare sing in public are an Italian one I learned in high school for Honor's Choir and the French national anthem that I learned for my 4th semester of French at Ole Miss.