Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Soy Mexicana?

In the past 24-hours, two things occurred that make me think I might be a little closer to fitting in here. Yesterday I made rajas en crema, and typical Mexican dish with poblano peppers and cream, and today the lady we buy a lot of our produce from gave me a special bag that says I'm an Esteemed Client.

Well slap me silly and call me a biscuit.

The meal we've eaten a number of times, but Ibis is always in charge. My duties are to run and get the tortillas when the dinner is almost ready. Since he worked yesterday I said I'd attempt it on my own, and while we didn't have tortillas, it was delicious! Between the green peppers and red tomatoes, it was very Christmasey.

You grill the peppers, then peel off the skin once they're blackened and cut into rajas (strips). Meanwhile you sautee tomatoes, onion & garlic in oil, then add the peppers. Next is the most important step: add crema (sour cream) and queso cotijo (a crumbly cheese). Cook a few more minutes & you're done.

It sounds easy but I have a habit of destroying what should be a simple meal. Since this went so well I plan to make this at least once a week, as long as I can find low-fat sour cream.

The bag really isn't that exciting, but it was very sweet the woman, Doña as we call her, gave it to me. Ibis and I get most of our produce from her & she sometimes throws in a head of garlic or a couple limes for free. She's always very patient with me - helping me pick produce that's good for today, or good for tomorrow, depending on which day we plan to eat it. Now that's customer service.

Now I have a neon green shopping bag to tote through town, just like one of the locals.


Kate Boddie said...

Sounds like you're becoming more and more Mexican everyday!

TurKey said...

I wont slap you, however, you're a biscuit.

Melanie Avila said...

I was hoping someone would appreciate the biscuit comment. :)

Janna said...

Niiice. I like the way you tossed a biscuit in there!