Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Car AND Karaoke

Yesterday a friend came over and when we were getting ready to walk downtown, Ibis said something magical.

"Do you want a ride?"

The car works! The AC is still all wonky but sitting on cushy leather beats walking through dusty streets any day of the week.

We spent the evening with separate friends but met up in time for him to drive us all back to my friend's beautiful home in the hills. We only planned to stay a few minutes - long enough for Ibis to get a tour - but then someone said my other magical word: Karaoke.

An hour later I was belting out a deeply profound song that really moved the crowd (Avril Lavinge's Girlfriend) when I was told the karaoke was getting old and it was time to put on some real music. Emphasis not mine.

"Just one more!" I exclaimed. They have several karaoke cds and I was overwhelmed with the selection. My last brush with onscreen lyrics was in Spanish, and the time before that I was under pressure in Rock Star. Last night everyone was sitting on the patio just beyond my field of vision, so I could pretend I was in my recording studio without an audience.

I found a song I like and called Ibis in for our last duet. Justin Timberlake's What Goes Around. Poor Britney. Anyway, we did our thing and finally put our hosts out of their misery. Hopefully they'll invite us back before next year, although I'm sure the karaoke machine will be mysteriously broken when we return.


Janna said...

So fun! I'm glad you had such a grand time... even if those listening weren't supportive of your tastes. :)

Anonymous said...

You're so brave! The only time I sing in public is during renditions of "Happy Birthday to You", and even then I sing quietly and only if drowned out by a large chorus of well-wishers.

Serena Casey said...

I just HAD to read any post related to karaoke. We have friends with a really cool karaoke setup, and when they invite us over to sing, they probably kick themselves each time when it gets later and later and WE'RE STILL THERE...

Melanie Avila said...

LOL. She assured me we're welcome back, so that's good. ;)

And there were only five or six people, so not enough to be nervous in front of.

Ed Pahule said...

Can I just say: Ew! Karaoke!

But then I don't have a singing voice, it's more of a croak.

Kristine said...

I haven't played around with the Rock Band or Guitar Hero in a long time. I noticed Brad did on Friday night, the drums where still out in the living room. I have to have a lot of alcohol in the system before I get back on that horse!

Talk to you soon!