Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Creatures in the Attic

No, we don't have an attic but I thought that'd get your attention. The workmen are on the roof and they're FINALLY finishing it! We've lived here since the beginning of June and watched as they slowly finished the two buildings and the parking lot. They look to be almost done, yet the roof of our building looks the same as it did the day we arrived.

There's a railing on two sides but nothing but open air on the larger stretches. The staircase is especially treacherous: when you're on the roof and head towards the stairs you face two openings. One has stairs beneath it and the other has the bottom of the staircase. We've pushed loose tiles and boards in front of the non-stairs but they only serve as a visual warning; they'd do nothing to prevent a fall.

Around Christmas there was news that an American tourist plunged to his death while touring a condo/time-share development. He and his wife were with an agent touring the building and he fell off the roof. The un-railinged roof. (I know that's not a word but you know what I mean). Our developers hosted a holiday party within a couple days of the accident and we jumped on the opportunity to pressure them to finish our building, pointing out how bad it'd be for business if someone died on his property.

Our biggest complaint was the workers spent more time on the unoccupied building than the one that is full. Sure, there isn't much to do on the roof but you can see the ocean from there and we sometimes go up to watch the stars. One night we even watched a meteor shower and that was especially scary groping our way down in the dark. The developers promised they'd finish the roof as soon as they had more money. That's pretty typical of Mexican construction projects so while we were frustrated, we weren't surprised.

Well, last week, through a series of events, we paid off what we owed on our condo and yesterday they went to work on the roof! I haven't been up there but from my doorway I can see they've already put a wall around the staircase. They've been banging and making all sorts of noise so I expect it'll be completed very soon. Hooray!


Melanie's Mom said...

That's great news! I can't wait to come back to enjoy it. Some nights it was so hot sleeping, we thought of going up to the roof for some air. Now it will be safe!

Turkey said...

Wow! I hope you get a chance to use it soon! We need to scrape the moss off of our roof before we try to dance on it. :)