Sunday, February 10, 2008

This Day is a Bust

After the busy week with my parents I planned to get a few things done on my computer, do a little (well, a lot of) laundry, and not leave the house. First I discovered that Ibis' toolbag is at the hotel so I couldn't install the new ram in my computer. Then, ten minutes after Ibis left for work he called because he left the office key in his pants pocket. The pants he wore yesterday and had left on a chair in our bedroom.

I walked the mile-plus trek to his hotel and hung out a little before heading home, screwdrivers in hand. If I've ever been self-conscious about the locals staring at me as I walk down the street, holding a couple screwdrivers only increased their curiosity tremendously. At least I didn't look like a tourist. I hadn't had breakfast or lunch yet so I picked up a roasted chicken and tortillas.

After eating and switching the laundry I flipped over my computer, ready to release my inner techie and upgrade my computer. One problem: the panel won't come off. The directions I printed from Apple's website are very easy to follow but my model appears to be older than the one in the picture. There must be some secret trick because these screws turn a few times one direction, then a few times the other, without ever loosening from the panel. I've never seen anything like it. AND, it doesn't look like the panel will come off even if I manage to remove the screws. Hopefully Apple has a solution for this.

I need to catch up with my emails and do some work on a freelance project and THEN I can get back to my relaxing afternoon, just in time for bed.

UPDATE: I found a site with very good instructions! Yay!


John Elder Robison said...

I used to feel that way walking around San Cristobal. When my first wife was getting her doctorate, she stayed at Nabalom and the kid and I would go visit.

I felt like a curiousity, too, walking around town by myself.

Melanie Avila said...

The good thing is once I buy food they tend to leave me alone. A tourist wouldn't buy a whole cooked chicken and tortillas. :)