Thursday, June 4, 2009

Status Check

I was planning an Odds & Ends post today, but I thought I'd try a different format. Many of you are on Facebook and have the indescribable joy of reading my status updates as soon as they fly out of my fingers, but the rest of you miss out on the goings on in my everyday life. I realize that you are probably thinking to yourself that you're really okay with not knowing the particulars, but I'm going to share anyway.

I hope this isn't too boring. Maybe you should grab a cup of coffee before reading on.

*waits patiently*

Okay, are you ready? For the non-Facebook users, status updates start with your name -- in this case Melanie Avila -- and then you type in whatever's on your mind. Here's what's been happening since Monday (in order)(and I didn't skip any -- you know, so it's all authentic and what not):

Melanie edit, edit, bo bedit, banana fana fo fedit, fe fi fo fedit. Edit!

Melanie hates when the internet dies.

Melanie is in cleaning and editing mode. Well, at least cleaning...

Melanie just discovered that the loud booms outside are pigeons sitting on the transformer. Apparently there are now headless pigeons beneath said transformer.

Melanie Woot! Demon baby picked me!!

Melanie Sweet. 80% humidity.

Melanie almost drank an ant. It was in my glass of water. I think it got confused and thought he was still wandering around, breathing air. (that's a humidity joke)

Melanie is going to try again at this shower thing. We ran out of water during my last attempt, but this time I have a bucketful courtesy of my neighbor.

Melanie has had enough of today. Good night.

Melanie the day is off to a good start -- we have running water again.

Melanie is no longer allowed to answer the phone in case it's an extortioner. They actually have warnings about this on the radio. *sigh*

Melanie editing.

Melanie How did I forget? *smacks head* I'm published!!

Melanie says it's 88 degrees here, but feels like 100. I'm a little worried about Saturday -- they're saying the temp will be 100.

Melanie is contemplating tasks for Paul Walker if she were to bring him to the island. Fan waver seems good, but I'm sure something better will come to mind.

Melanie *hops in the hammock* Let's Go Red Wings!!

Melanie eh, we're still up 2-1.

Melanie slept well. Thanks AC.

Melanie is melting inside.

Melanie is back to editing. I'm roughly halfway through line edits. Ugh.

Melanie note to self: LAMO does not mean the same thing as LMAO. Must stop typing LAMO in response to funny comments.

Melanie Messenger is off. Must. Edit.

Melanie Did you know that Mexican driver's licenses are only valid for two years? Yeah, neither did we. *computes how long we've lived here* Woops.

Melanie is glad the two-days of construction in the unit next to us has finally ended. Drill + concrete wall = VERY LOUD NOISE. Next up: hammering when the new neighbors move in.

Are you still awake? Hey!

*shakes monitor*

Wake up!

As always, I'll respond to questions in the comments.


EriCan said...

LOL! Man if I listed all mine in a row like that; I would look like a loon! (you don't btw)

Your status updates are always interesting. I'm especially intrigued and grossed out by the bug ones ;)

Have you thought about trying twitter?

Have a great Thursday!

Melanie Avila said...

You know, I was thinking this sounds a lot like Twitter... I've thought about it and several friends have tried to get me to join, but right now I don't see it benefiting me in any way. I don't need another time suck or reason to be glued to the computer all day.

I hope these weren't too boring. Odd there weren't any creature ones in the past couple days, although I almost posted about Ibis cleaning ants of a piece of bread -- he finally understands what I'm always complaining about!

Penguin said...

Mel honey, do you have Tupperware down there?
Best investment, put the food in there and it keeps the bugs out.
I haven't seen if the cheap Glad and Ziplock containers work as well.
But the Tupperware ones work great. If a roach gets into a Tupperware container you need to pack up and leave that apartment.

Melanie Avila said...

Penguin, I do!! I put everything in tupperware. The problem is I get tired of doing EVERYTHING for him and sometimes let him figure things out for himself. When I saw he'd left the bread in a bag on the counter, I told him the ants would devour it and he said he didn't mind. I shrugged and let it be.

Trust me, when I buy things they go in the fridge or in a plastic container.

Penguin said...

Ahhhh, you are getting wise.

I bet he doesn't leave the bread out again.

Oh, and I am not allow to get onto facebook at work.
So I cannot see what is going on over there.

Melanie Avila said...

Yes, I've learned...

So are you on facebook?

Pink Ink said...

I'm not on Facebook but I enjoy it through my husband's reports and yours :-)

spyscribbler said...

I missed the ant one! How could I have missed the ant one? Well, maybe I blocked it out for fear I would be forever looking in my cups to make sure I wouldn't drink an ant. *shudder*

Honestly, I enjoy Facebook more, but there are different people on Twitter. I use TweetDeck and check in about once a week. I really just use it because it updates a status on my blog, and Facebook doesn't do it in as cool a way.

Melanie Avila said...

Pink, it's my only social activity.

Melanie Avila said...

Spy, ants aren't bad. They aren't scary, don't move too quickly... and if you leave them alone long enough, they'll take care of all your crumbs. In fact, I've even scene them carrying parts of a cockroach (although that scarred me a little).

spyscribbler said...

EEEwwwww!!!! Melanie! Did you REALLY have to give me that visual???

Melanie Avila said...

It was mostly the legs...

Nadine said...

LOL - I've seen ants take away some crazy stuff. They are clever little guys!

I love your updates, although I felt bad for the pigeons.

Okay, I have to ask. Why is the baby called Demon Baby?

EriCan said...

*shivers* more bug talk...

I wasn't sure I would like twitter, but right now I am so hooked. I love facebook too, a lot. Almost my whole graduating class is on there, and that's how I keep up with my sister.

I can understand the reasoning for not trying twitter though... it keeps me from writing/reading a lot. I have a problem. I'm looking into a 12 step program... :)

Melanie Avila said...

Nadine, she nicknames all her children and the youngest is Demon Baby. She even has a blog about him:

He's rather... rambunctious, imaginative, intelligent... and makes for interesting stories.

Melanie Avila said...

Erica, that's great so many of your classmates are there! Mine are getting there, although my class was only 25 people. I have more friends from the kids in the two years ahead of me.

Yeah, I need to hold off on Twitter for a bit longer.

Robin said...

OK. I can no longer live now that I have the image of ants carrying away bits of a cockroach. That is so gross on so many levels. I'm going to sign up for electroshock therapy just to get the retrograde amnesia.

I love the facebook updates! I like twitter because it just comes to my phone and I can look at it at work. It's fun to hear little bits about different friends' days. I'm even feeling warmly towards people I only met through twitter. It's like having friends around all the time. I wish you'd tweet.

Melanie Avila said...

LMAO!! Robin, I'm sorry. It really was pretty creepy.

See, I use Facebook the same way you seem to use Twitter. I hear you can get FB updates on your cell phone... maybe you should look into that. :P

Lauren said...

nice status updates! I <3 facebook :). I saw comments about Twitter through out here. I like to say "I'm not self important enough to feel like people need all my thoughts", but really it isn't like that. It's more of a philsophy of communicating short little snippits. Micro-communication if you will. When I hear it like that it sounds interesting, but, like you, I'm still not on it.

Also, another thing that is useful is following news like CNN because the updates can be pushed directly to you. (I am getting this info from my hubby who does use it). Also, people sometimes post links to interesting articles so in many industries it can be a great way to stay on top of new developments (in his/my case, software).

Either way, your facebook comments are funny/interesting. But I feel sorry for the pigeons. :(

Melanie Avila said...

Lauren, don't get me wrong -- I know I would LOVE Twitter. I've checked it out a couple times, mainly for agentfail#, and since status updates are one of my favorite things about FB I know I'd dig it.

Thing is, I'm always home and I don't have a cell phone, so it would just mean one more website to check, you know? My friend Jason is always singing the praises of the informational aspect of it, especially for designers, so I know there's a valid use for it.

I keep telling myself if I ever get a book deal I'll join then.