Thursday, September 11, 2008

Off I Go, Again

Friday I head to Chicago for the Tigers v White Sox game, with a minor detour at the Four Winns casino. Saturday my girlfriend is hosting a BBQ in my honor so I can see all my friends in one place, then Sunday I fly home.

It's been a wonderful trip home full of lots of visits and running around and I'm both happy and sad to leave. Happy to see Ibis but sad to say goodbye, again. I still have to figure out how to get everything into my two suitcases, which is why I'm posting this tonight instead of tomorrow.

I'll be back online Monday!


colbymarshall said...

Mmm...barbecue, yum!

Anonymous said...

Have a great time and a safe trip back home!

Robin said...

Your trip sounds lovely. See you Monday!

spyscribbler said...

Have a safe trip!