Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Prodigy in Our Mix

We know our visiting friend from salsa dancing, so last night we went to the one place in town that has salsa every night. We arrived before the band but were assured they would start by 10:30pm. I was a little worried that would mean they'd arrive by then, but the equipment was already set up and they were singing before the scheduled start time.

The band had two drummers and two guitarists, one of whom was the lead singer. They wore coordinating teal short-sleeved button down shirts, white pants and white shoes, and called themselves the Blue Angels. Los Angeles Azules. As they were getting ready to start I noticed a teenager approach the stage and set down an instrument. Not very unusual, considering the surroundings, but he was blond, blue-eyed, and very white. And he wasn't wearing the Official Blue Angels attire.

(For those familiar, he looked exactly like my cousin Thom at that age.)

Now we were curious. He was there with two adults at the table next to ours but hovered near the stage. Just as the were about to begin, he unzipped the case and pulled out a violin.

"Oh cute, he's going to play a song with them," I thought.

Not quite.

Not only did he play the entire first set, he sang along! He looked so out of place; they were all dark with black hair and dark eyes, plus those matching outfits, and he wore a black t-shirt, jeans, and old Vans. But he rocked. I couldn't get over how comfortable he was up there. He couldn't have been more than fourteen years old but he seemed at home on this small stage in Mexico. He even had a couple solos.

We only stayed for the first two sets but I was impressed. This kid has found his talent at such a young age and is working it. Of course I was filled with a millions questions. How did he meet the band? How did they agree to play together? How did he learn all their songs? He appeared to be on vacation (I drew that conclusion from his translucent skin) so none of it makes sense to me.

We didn't dance many songs because it was so hot, but I didn't mind. This kid made my night.


Janna Qualman said...

Talent like that gives me ginormous goosebumps. I wish I'd been there to see him!

spyscribbler said...

That's way cool! I would've been asking lots of questions!

Melanie Avila said...

I was tempted to ask him a few things but I didn't want his father to worry about the strange woman bothering his son. Thinking about it now, they're probably used to it, but we left fairly quickly so there wasn't much time.