Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I'll post some pictures either later today or tomorrow, but I have my AlphaSmart! It's so cute and light and portable and I'm very excited to put it to work. It's the Quick Pad version, whatever that means, and a couple names have come to mind, but nothing has stuck yet.

Any suggestions?


Janna Qualman said...

A QuickPad, you say? Um... for a name... how about Quicky? No, no, no. FORGET I ever said that. Cripes, that was so wrong of me.

I'm SO excited for you!!!

Melanie Avila said...

How ironic is it that it's named that? I cracked up when I saw it. Figures since he's so jealous we all have one now. I'm really tempted to name it his real first name but THAT'S a little weird!

I'm charging the new batteries so I can post some pictures soon.