Sunday, May 25, 2008

No Beach for Me

Zihua is on the Pacific Ocean and with the ocean comes lots of creatures. Some people don't mind the creatures and throw themselves into the waves with nothing but a fiberglass board to protect them. Me, I rarely venture our past my hips.

Earlier this month the local papers showed pictures of a man who was bitten by a shark and later died. It was interesting to see a 12-inch gap missing from a human leg, but not something I'd like to see in person.

Last night I was at a friend's house and she told me there'd been two more attacks this weekend. Sitting with us was a man from California who'd flown here to surf and we tried to convince him not to go. He said he'd take his chances as long as there were other people in the water, figuring if there were ten surfers his odds were pretty good. It's still fairly early so I don't know if he made it back safely.

Meanwhile, the attacks have made worldwide news. Here are a few links if you're curious. Surfer's Village, BBC (although they don't cover the third attack), and Global Surf News.

Scary stuff!


WendyCinNYC said...

We spend our summers at Atlantic Ocean and I am terrified--TERRIFIED--of sharks. To the point where it's kind of ridiculous.

And what does my 8 year old daughter want to do this July? Surf camp! Gah! I'm already stressing about it.

I envy those who can swim in the ocean without a care. I have the theme song from Jaws in my head when I am in the water.

Melanie Avila said...

I completely understand. I grew up on Lake Michigan where the worst thing that might bump you is a snapping turtle or discarded tire. The ocean freaks me out and anytime I end up in it I float as flat as possible to my toes don't tempt a scary creature to nibble.

Janna Qualman said...

Holy shark!

Yes, I'm with you. Wading is acceptable.