Sunday, March 9, 2008

That's a Lot of Miles

We're home. We arrived in Zihua about 9pm last night after driving most of the day. We drove 1720 miles to get home and roughly 3000 round-trip. That's almost 5000 kilometers and 13 states!

I'd say it's good to be home but that would be an understatement. It's FANTASTIC to be home. First thing I did when we walked in the door is take a deep breath to make sure nothing had died, rotted or set up camp while we were gone. Aside from stale air all was well so we dumped our things in the middle of the floor and went out to dinner.

I'll do a more detailed update of our drive home tomorrow. I'm still not feeling 100% and I need to record what happened in my journal first. Since leaving Wednesday we stayed overnight in Gomez Palacio (next to Torreon), Mazatlan and Guadalajara, drove through both the Western and Southern Sierra Madres, and hung out for a couple hours in Manzanillo.

Ibis' next appointment in Juarez is April 17th and we still need to figure out if it's less expensive to drive again or have him fly and me stay in Zihua. The toll roads are very expensive and I need to add up the two-inch stack of receipts to see how much we actually spent.

After that appointment we will know if Ibis will get his visa. If approved, he'll get it there and we plan to return to the States once he finishes school in June. If he's denied we'll have to figure out our next step. We've been thinking Canada but we really liked Guadalajara so that's a possibility as well.

Until tomorrow...


Janna Qualman said...

Manzanillo. Isn't that a fruit?

Wow. Seems amazing that your world could change so drastically - one way or another - in just over a month. Best of luck to you!

Doreen Orion said...

We just got home, too after 5 months on the road. Glad you made it safely back (saw your I'm Home post on absolutewrite).

Melanie Avila said...

Janna - manzana is apple, yes. I kept my eye out for little apples but didn't see any.

Doreen - where've you been?

Doreen Orion said...

Been all over California. But very little of the good parts. For example: Modesto. And, lest you think I'm being snarky, even the people who live there would ask, "Why are you in Modesto?" Answer: my husband was doing temporary work at a psych hospital. It paid well. Why? Well, it was in Modesto. To give you an idea, the only other place the agency placed at the same pay was Fairbanks, AK. In January.

I rest my case.