Wednesday, March 5, 2008

So Many Thing I Can't Decide

For not doing much I sure have a lot to say today. I choose sub-categories.

Today is My One-Year Anniversary with Mexico
One year ago today my dad, brother and I left Michigan at dawn. We left my brother in Chicago, where he took over our old apartment, then my dad and I continued on our way. Four days later (March 8) we arrived in Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan. Three months later Ibis and I moved into our condo in Zihuatanejo and nine months after that finds us here in Juarez. I still can't believe the coincidence that his immigration appointment is on the exact day I left Chicago.

Ibis is at the Consulate RIGHT NOW
I suppose I'll have to do a bonus post later today to let you all know how the interview went. He went yesterday to get things started (fingerprints, etc) so today should mostly be the interrogation. He left at 6:30am and it's almost noon and I have no idea when to expect him. I brought him a takeout box from our free breakfast buffet since he hasn't eaten anything today, then later we're going for burgers at a cheap & yummy place we found.

We're Leaving Juarez Tomorrow
Nothing personal, but this city sucks. Sure, there are suburbanite things to do but neither of us are real big on those types of activities. I can only circle a mall so many times without ripping my hair out or pushing the people strolling in front of me. Last night we ate at Applebee's so I could get a buffalo chicken salad *drool* but we normally do our best to avoid TGIF-type chain restaurants.

We plan to visit Mazatlan and Guadalajara on our way back. From the looks of things on the map I think we'll end up just stopping for lunch in Manzanillo, but I'm not sure. We may stay overnight in Durango (yee-haw!) tomorrow night so we can go to the beach in Mazatlan. We'll see how that works.

I've Created a Beauty Salon in My Hotel Room
I do a lot of cleaning at home and as a result rarely paint my nails. If my hands are every dry long enough to actually apply the lacquer the color quickly peels off after a couple sinkfuls of dishes. I've only washed dishes once since we left a week ago and that was only a few cups. Yesterday I gave myself a pedicure and put on a bright red polish, and as soon as I'm done posting this I'll do my fingernails. I also colored my hair this morning. I brought my Garnier box along in case I felt the urge and last night I felt it when Ibis looked at me and said, "Your hair, it's really dark." He's nice enough to not scream out, "Look at your roots!" and laugh hysterically, but the point was made. As of this morning the problem is solved.

Hillary is Back!
I never counted her out but last night Hillary won three of the four states having primaries and while she's still behind in delegates, she's proven she's still in the race. I don't want to get all political but it was very exciting to watch as the various precints sent in their totals. When I first turned on the television Barack was leading and was already a projected winner in Vermont, but then things swung to Hillary's side. Yay! We're just across the border from El Paso, where Bill Clinton spoke Monday night, so we feel as close to the election as we have in the past year. I'm prepared to send in my absentee ballot when the time comes but I'd love to vote in person.

*fingers crossed*

I Have a Cold
I'm blaming the smog and cooler weather. I've been sneezing and congested since we left Zihua and woke up with a horrible sore throat a couple days ago. Yesterday my entire head started leaking. I think the odors in the laundromat were partially to blame (mountain fresh scents do a number on my sinuses) but it didn't improve after we left. By the time we got back from dinner I looked like I'd been crying for awhile. I'm a little better today, just in time for the trip home.


That's all for now. I'll post a little more once I hear from Ibis.

UPDATE: Ibis is Speedy
I'd barely posted this when he walked through the door. He had his interview and said it was uneventful. They asked him a few questions about our relationship - he had to remember our anniversary! - then sent him on his way. He didn't receive his visa, as we expected, but was approved for the next step: the extreme hardship waiver.

Because he finished so soon we've decided to leave Juarez today. If we're going to pay for another hotel anyway we may as well get some distance between us and this lovely city. I'm not sure when we'll be back online so keep a light on for us. ;)

This also means that once again my nails will not be painted. *sigh*


Janna Qualman said...

Man, so many comments to make...

Yay! I'm so happy for Ibis. I can't imagine what an ordeal the whole thing must be for you both. Enjoy your trip home, and be safe.

Mmm... Applebees...

Mazatlan and Guadalajara? Those would be fascinating places to go. Make sure you blog about 'em!

LOVE that you admitted to coloring from a box. I, too, get my best color that way. ;) In fact, you've reminded me... it's probably time for me, too.

" entire head started leaking." lol! I hope that clears up for ya. And maybe you can do your nails at the next hotel.

Turkey said...

Keeping unpainted fingers and toes crossed for a safe voyage back! I am looking forward to hearing about your trip. Say HI to the tumbleweeds for me! (BTW, We are also political twins!)
Take care!

Kristine said...

That's great the process is moving along. How long will it take for you to find out the final verdict?

Have fun on your way back. Say Bonjour to Mazatlan for me! ;)

Happy, and safe, traveling!

Anonymous said...

Again hope your ride goes well, but getting bored looking at 4 walls of hotel room is really a function of border town fears.

squick said...

What a strange coincidence! I just painted my nails and colored my hair too! We're simpatico!

I hope all goes well for you kids on your return trip!