Sunday, March 16, 2008

Enjoying Mexico

I spend a lot of time in our condo, sitting in front of the computer. I try to run in the mornings and sometimes grab a drink in town in the afternoon, but for the most part I stay home. It's always sunny and warm so I don't feel that urgency I did in Chicago; when a nice day landed in your lap you went outside and took advantage. Here, I know tomorrow will also be nice so I don't let the weather dictate my schedule.

Friday I went for a drink(s) with a friend and we sat near the ocean till well after the sunset (ironically, at a bar named Sunset). Yesterday I left the house at 10am to go to another friend's and help set up for our birthday party. By noon the house was clean, the food was prepped and the sangria was fermenting so I took a nap by her pool. I know, it's rough.

I'm not telling you this to rub it in that I'm in tropical Mexico and you're not. I'm sharing because it's taken me a full year to finally be living a life that almost resembles what all my friends back home think my life is like. I received many emails from people jealous of me sipping piƱa coladas by the pool while they were struggling through a Chicago spring, when my life was nowhere near that fantasy. I spent the majority of last summer holed up in our non-air-conditioned condo, only going to the beach once or twice a week despite not having a job. (I realize it sounds like I'm complaining and I'm not, just pointing out that I wasn't out galavanting as much as people might think).

Well, today I'm going back to my friend's house to help eat the leftover food, and hopefully the sangria, too, poolside. My birthday is tomorrow so I suppose it's ok to live decadently for a day or three.


Anonymous said...

HI, had trouble starting my blog but yours did trigger my thinking.

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