Wednesday, November 4, 2009


My plans for editing alongside the NaNo participants is not going very well. I went through the entire document on Monday, but Sunday and Tuesday were both a bust (busts?). Fortunately I have good reasons for not cracking the wip yesterday.

First, I found a job site that has a TON of listings that I wasn't finding on a combination of other sites. The woman in charge of hiring at a place in Vancouver told me about it and I applied to five jobs yesterday. The most I've found in one day up until this point is two or three, so that made me very happy. Of course now I have to actually hear back from these people, but just finding jobs that interest me is a good feeling.

Second, I not only had breakfast plans with a new friend, our American neighbor is back in town and we ended up going to lunch with her. Meals in Mexico usually take a couple hours, and combined with several hours applying for jobs (plus the regular nonsense that eats up my time) I was too tired by the end of the day to edit.

A wise friend pointed out that any edits done while exhausted will most likely require even more editing, so I allowed myself the night off. I feel guilty, but the job search needs to come first.

If you're a writer, how is your writing coming along? And a complete tangent -- can you believe it's been a YEAR since Obama was elected? Crazy


Stacey Graham said...

NaNo is humming along nicely. I'm pleased that I'm able to keep up with the daily word count as I'm usually wandering off around now. ADD is a RY#$#$.

JLC said...

Oh! Five jobs! Thats great! My stomach ties up in knots when I think about job hunting. I'll still keep my fingers crossed that you find something soon!!

I agree with your friend. Editing while under the influence of exhaustion is a terrible combination! Glad you took a break.

I am not writing anything major this month. Too many flippin' things going on. I may feel the need to write a poem or two, but this month will be dedicated to trips, family, and reading.

Jewel/Pink Ink said...

I've written so many things before while exhausted, it takes me twice as long to fix :-).

I *think* I am officially signed up for NaNo. I cannot access the website consistently.

Meanwhile, I am cranking out words; the story is going well. Good luck to you, Melanie. On the job front, too!

LurkerMonkey said...

Good luck on the job hunt! I'm one of those crazy people who actually likes job hunting, which I guess makes sense 'cause I'm a freelancer.

The writing is going well -- I'm finally writing again, after finishing my last round of revisions and my book proposal. It's so cool to be doing a first draft again. I love that part of the process, and it's been AGES.

As for NaNoMo, I don't do it. I have nothing against it, but for the most part, if I have any extra time, I'm writing anyway, so there's no point in assigning a word count.

Melanie Avila said...

Stacey, that's great! From the descriptions you've shared it sounds very very in-ter-est-ing... :)

JLC, that makes two of us with the knots. That's great your allowing yourself to not write while there's so much going on, that way you won't feel that constant guilt and if you DO write it's a bonus.

Jewel, thanks. I remember the NaNo site took a couple days to settle down last year. It was hard to log on in the first week, then after that it settled down. Good luck!

Lurker, that's a great point about your writing time. Not everyone is as disciplined (like me) but I guess a lot of it comes down to how badly you want it. I'm happy for you that you're writing again. :)

ElanaJ said...

Everyone deserves a day off. Every week. Usually two. They're called weekends. So don't beat yourself up about it.

Glad about the jobs!

Nadine said...

I'm so excited you applied for five jobs in one day! Yay!

As for my writing, I'm actually going to crack open the WIP today. Not sure if I'm going to write any, lol, but at least I'm opening the document.

It's a start. :)

Melanie Avila said...

Elana, you have a wonderful point. Every day is the same for me and I often forget that I'm allowed a day off now and then.

Nadine, sometimes that really is half the battle.

I feel guilty because I've gone through two chapters today but that's only 12-13 pages. Not much.

Robin said...

You're usually so consistent - I think you've earned a little writing time off. That website sounds terrific. I'll cross my fingers for you.

Erica said...

So glad you found that site! Yay!

Writing is going well. It's a crazy whirlwind!

Have some fun! That MS will still be there when you get back :)

Natasha Fondren said...

Oh, that's awesome, Melanie! I'm totally crossing my fingers for you. How is Ibis's search going?

I'm behind on NaNo, and I've decided not to count the 5K spurt I did on a different project. It was erotic, and my goal is to complete a NY-targeted novel this month.

I'll catch up once we get settled in the campground, though!