Saturday, November 14, 2009

From Puppy to Dog

When exactly do you start calling a puppy a dog? A year? That seems to make the most sense to me. While I know we're still months away from that transition, we are seeing progress with Owen that makes all our training efforts worthwhile.

He's starting to sit when people come to visit (which is helping with the excitable peeing that keeps happening), he only jumps up once or twice when we have food on the couch, and he doesn't try to eat my ponytail while I'm doing sit-ups. He does still lick my face, but I'll take that.

He still cries like someone just cut his heart out whenever we leave, but I can't expect him to act like a big boy overnight, right? He also makes other animal noise -- cat, bird, turkey, you name it -- but we're hoping those stick around.


Have a great weekend everyone!


Amy Sue Nathan said...

Some dogs are always like puppies - which has both pros and cons. ;-)

Natasha Fondren said...

That picture is so totally awesome! Look at the perspective of it, with the sky and the tip of the mountains. That's so cool! :-)

He is looking a bit more like a teenager now. :-)

mary said...

Such a great picture!

Glad all of your training is starting to pay off. You probably already know this but one of the things I learned about when you have to leave him alone, is as you are leaving, give him an extra special toy that he doesn't get to play with all the time or an extra special treat. Then he will realize that something good happens when you leave.

Give Owen a big hug from me!!

Melanie Avila said...

Amy, we called my last dog "puppy" until he died. :)

Natasha, this is by far our favorite picture of him. He always stops like that at the top of the stairs so I was waiting halfway down then called him. It was pure luck! (I think he looks like a teenager too)

Mary, we've been giving hima Kong stuffed with peanut butter when we leave, although Ibis keeps giving it to him too soon and he finishes it before we're out the door. More PB for Owen!

Nadine said...

So cute! I think he always be a puppy.

Glad to hear the peeing on people has subsided!

gypsyscarlett said...

My old dog who lives with my parents now back in the States shall always be a puppy. Totally incorrigible!

WendyCinNYC said...

I love the picture! I think when their naps become more important than greeting you at the door, they've become dogs. :-(

Aimless Writer said...

He makes turkey noises??? I'd want to hear that.
My golden is 13 and still think she's a puppy. Some never grow up.
Really kool picture!

Wayne K said...

Don't betaken in by those puppy eyes.

Melanie Avila said...

Nadine, we've only just begun with the sitting-so-he-doesn't-pee thing, so it's too soon to see if he's actually LEARNING to sit then.

Gypsy, some dogs are like that. :)

Wendy, I think that's a really good gauge. My parents dog eventually stopped getting up to greet them when they came home. He'd wag his tail and be excited, but he wouldn't get up from wherever he'd been napping.

Aimless, he makes all these hilarious howling and gargling noises. We're learning which is the "I'm frustrated" noise, which is "Come ON! Let's go!", "I have to pee NOW!" -- that sort of thing.

Wayne, it's far too late for that!

Kreyfish said...

Honestly, an excellent pic of Owen! That thing needs to be framed!

Sharon Mayhew said...

Our puppy is almost three. We still call her a puppy because she still acts like one. She's, finally,learning to sit on her pillow and stay there when we have company. She sits and whimpers (very quietly) until we release her. But by then she's over the excitement and has good manners. I can't remember when she stopped the I'm so excited to see you peeing, but she did. :) Something to look forward to.

Erica said...

That pic is so cool! Aw. Maya's still a puppy and she just turned one last month :) She's not her full weight yet, I think maybe then that's when I'll call her a dog :)

He's getting to be a big boy!

Melanie Avila said...

Krey, I think we will eventually. :)

Sharon, that sounds like Owen. He sits, but he doesn't like it. But you're right about the fact that once they calm down it's not so bad.

Erica, we're not sure exactly how big he'll get. He's still growing, but not as quickly as before, and he hasn't started filling out yet.